Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Did We Leave England Again?

In September of 1620, a little 13 year old girl by the name of Constance left England for the New World. She, like most of the travellers on the vessel, was a Puritan. Life under Elizabeth, Mary and Henry was less than ideal, and new thinkers were not very much appreciated. Therefore, the idea of a two month journey across a huge ocean in order to land in a place where there was no established niceties (aka, brick homes with fireplaces, fabric, farms, etc.) was seen as preferable to staying in England. Constance arrived in Plymouth, Massachussets in November, 1620 with all the determination a 13 year old is known to have. She survived that first winter, which took the lives of have the other passengers on the Mayflower, including Constance's baby sister. This determination to survive was later rewarded when she met Nicholas Snow seven years later. He arrived on the Anne, coming to the New World for the same reasons. They met and the love affair began. After a successful marriage and twelve children, Constance was known to her fellow settlers as 'Goody' (short for Good Lady.) She outlived her husband and lived long enough to see several new generations before she died in her nineties. Ten generations after Grandma Constance, I was born.

It took my great (add about ten of those) grandmother hard work and sweat to even get enough food to eat that first winter. Because she didn't give up, America became a world power that could easily wipe out hunger (if it wanted to) in a single generation. So what does our government do? Gives BILLIONS to a financial industry that has no self control and no idea of what the phrase 'hard work' or 'hunger' means! And now the idiots at the top, now running the country, are going to send it all spiralling downward because they were too lazy to do any REAL work themselves? NO WAY! NOT ON MY WATCH!!

I left California to be with my husband in Ireland, so he could return to work. After all the crap with AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the rest, we have decided to go back. It is not because things are worse in Ireland. It is because I dread to think what my Grandmother will say to me after I die. To think she struggled to build a new country, her children struggled to establish it on the foundation of goodness, hard work and honesty, only to have it collapse after lying, cheating and laziness destroyed it is too much to consider.

God gave me the gift of Gab. I open my mouth and often put my foot in it. But once in a while, I open it and it helps others understand the importance of virtue. For the last few weeks, I have blogged on Virtues and Vices. Virtue is what built this country. To Confucius, it was the foundation for any government. But I have not seen virtue in most of the House or Senate. Virtue has been replaced with Fame and Fortune. But that is about to change. I am going back to California in order to work on Sarah Palin's Presidential Campaign. If she doesn't run for President, I'll work on Mike Huckabee's campaign. I'm going to work to keep Tom McClintock in as my representative. I'm going to fight like hell to throw out people like Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. I am going to demand every politician claiming to be Catholic or Christian to SHOW ME they are Catholic or Christian...not by kissing the ass of the local bishop, but by LIVING THE LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN!

I know some of you won't agree with my choice for President, but we need Common Sense back in the Government. Moms are very good at Common Sense. Look at the moms that organized the Tea Parties in Orlando, Florida. They aren't legal professors. They are folks like my grandmother, who understand hard work should be rewarded and laziness (sloth to Grandma Constance) should be punished.

Punish the lazy jerks in AIG, the Treasury Department and the Government. Elect people with VIRTUE and throw the blaggards out!

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