Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Show Me The Money

My next series will focus on "Connecting the Dots" and demonstrating who is REALLY running the country. You will notice a large proportion of money going to B.O., but a much smaller amount going to J.M. This is due to the standard (campaign funds from the government versus private companies.) This is just the Presidential Campaign. I will also go after the Speaker, the Senators (Majority vs Minority) and the individuals known for pushing the key pieces of legislature through that has gotten us in the Depression thus far. Note the names seem to keep reappearing. This is no accident.

Barack Obama's top contributers

University of California $1,385,675
Goldman Sachs $980,945
Microsoft Corp $806,299
Harvard University $793,460
Google Inc $790,564
Citigroup Inc $657,268
JPMorgan Chase & Co $650,758
Stanford University $580,904
Sidley Austin LLP $574,938
Time Warner $547,951
National Amusements Inc $541,251
WilmerHale $524,292
UBS AG $522,019
IBM Corp $518,557
Skadden, Arps et al $510,274
Columbia University $503,566
Morgan Stanley $490,873
US Government $479,956
General Electric $479,454
Latham & Watkins $467,311

John McCain's Supporters

Merrill Lynch $371,295
Citigroup Inc $320,251
Morgan Stanley $271,152
Goldman Sachs $230,095
JPMorgan Chase & Co $225,557
US Government $207,829
AT&T Inc $194,913
UBS AG $182,079
Credit Suisse Group $179,053
Wachovia Corp $169,057
PricewaterhouseCoopers $167,900
US Army $162,870
Bank of America $155,251
Blank Rome LLP $154,426
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher $150,396
Greenberg Traurig LLP $146,437
FedEx Corp $132,974
US Dept of Defense $131,675
Lehman Brothers $125,357
Bear Stearns $117,498

Now, you will first notice the names all sound like investment firms and banks. This is no accident either. Next, look at the so called TARP fund payments and then look at the stimulus plan. Notice the similarities? The U.S. Government gave our money to these folks like candy, then committed us, our children and our children's children to pay back the stimulus funds at exhorbitant interest rates that will send future generations into poverty.

Consider the president's budget. Carbon taxes, aka cap and switch, aka bait and switch, and the other members of the green movement and low and behold...who do you see on the big contributors list? None other than The University of California (i.e. the grant money for research on green tech) and General Electric. They have another back door perk. Remember the idea of doing universal healthcare? Along with doing energy and financing, GE also does healthcare equipment. A coincidence? Probably not. Broadband and internet access in the stimulus assists the Silicon Valley crowd, and all the banks that swallowed up the smaller fish exist on BO's list. Finally, I find it curious that so many uni's contributed to BO, and Pell Grant increases were also part of the 'stimulus' (ironically sounding more and more like 'stimulate us') and you'll finally understand what has been happening. We, as a country, have been duped, shanghai'd, bamboozled and taken for a ride. In other words, we fell for it.

In Karl Marx' Communist Manifesto, Marx declares that religion is the opiate of the people. Like so many parts of this piece of literature, he was ALMOST right. Religion isn't the opiate, OPIATE is the opiate of the people, heretofore known as television. Anything that renders its minions catatonic must be an opiate. But it isn't so much what the opiate is, it is what it does to them that is so dangerous. It renders the victim complacent and impressionable. That makes them very easy to manipulate. Watch BO's manner when he speaks...he either talks side to side, even when the teleprompter is in front of him, or he says Uh...Um...Uh..a lot. This has a hypnotyzing effect on people as well. Add to it all the subliminal and overt messages in television ads and programming, and you have the perfect storm. How do you think the members of Congress and the Senate were convinced people would be okay with $700 billion in spending? Because the 'crisis' mantra was plastered all over the boob tube.

Notice, they use 'crisis' whenever it means pushing important legislation through, and it was both parties. It worked for the Patriot Act. It worked for pushing through the TARP and making the Sec of Treasury the Money King. Finally, it is now being used to manipulate a new bill, Senate bills 773 and 778 to limit the internet access in the time of a 'crisis'. Now, which crisis could they be referring to? The real kind, or the last three that have been presented by Bush and Obama?

Now, this is a lot to absorb, and you may say, "But Mama, this is how politics work." Maybe so, but let's consider the gajillion small businesses that were conveniently left out of TARP and the stimulus. Notice also that this keeps going back to the bankers. So, just for the fun of it, let's follow the money.

The banks on the list for BO include JP Morgan Chase. Chase was also known as the Rockefeller Bank. Who is now introducing the bill giving the President the authority to limit the internet? David Rockefeller. This appears to be a bit of a power grab to control the information resources. If the President throws around the word 'crisis' at the drop of a hat. I doubt they would require much criteria to use it to stop information that is damaging from getting out.

Also, you might take note the direction all this is taking. Look at the key players here. Rockefellers, Gates (Microsoft), Harvard...who exactly is calling the shots? Us, or them?

They are taking over the control of the banks, with the intention of putting it all under one umbrella...the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. They have proposed a bailout for the nation's newspapers. If they do that, do you realize what it means? It means all the safeguards for our country are in peril. I know, I know...just TRUST me. What makes us different from Communist China? Not much, outside of religion. But if we defer our laws to an international body, such as the UN, we're totally screwed on that because their Rights of Children specifically states a parent should NOT choose religion for their children.

Now, with all this in mind...a banking system owned by the government, a car industry owned by the government, the newspapers and the internet potentially owned by the government, a system of law authorized by the UN and a government that flips the voters the bird when they say DON'T GIVE THEM OUR MONEY and you have one thing....China, North Korea, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba...all communist or socialist governments that claim to have elections that are 'democratic.'

Next time...Nancy Pelosi and Howard Reid.

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