Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inaugural advice: Sit on the sides

Ever notice that Barack Obama, when giving a speech or any kind of address, seems to shift his view from left, to right, to left again? He doesn't seem to look down the center of a group much at all.

Okay, maybe have too much time on my hands, (yeah, right...a mom of 8 with ANY time on her hands! I have a dream!) I evaluated his nomination address at the DNC and discovered he averaged a look to the center only once every five times, and the length of time was for 2 seconds out of every 10. Last I checked, the center was where the cameras were.

So, do you think this could be a prophesy of his future term in office? Why am I the only one who has gotten this anal about watching him?

Oh yeah...I'm a mom. We usually watch our kids reactions and make sure they look at us when we speak . Is it just me, or do other people find this disturbing as well? I suppose we'll have the next four years to know for sure, but it is annoying. Granted, it's not as annoying as Michelle Obama's habitual roll of the eyes, which is chronically sophmoric. Could the Obama handlers please read something on body language and get back to me? I mean, pa-leeeeeeez!

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