Monday, January 26, 2009

Note to Nancy...It Will Stimulate Something Other Than The Economy

Thank goodness God gave us Nancy Pelosi. Who else would actually defend the setup with George Stephanopoulis on how contraceptive would stimulate the economy! Could she not just acknowledge he was making a "funny" and say, "Oh, it will stimulate more than the economy!" But NOOOOO....she had to take the question seriously and defend the ridiculous notion that contraception would stimulate the economy because the states spend so much in children's healthcare! What the ...????? So, if people don't have kids, and just boink each other's brains out without the worry of having children, the state will be free to spend all that extra money on other things, other than children's healthcare? And this is a good thing? Putting all those crib manufacturers and baby clothing stores out of business? Hmmmmm....

That's like saying electroshock therapy stimulates the mind. Maybe every Democrat supporting this stimulus package should join you and get a dose. Bring Barney Fife Frank with you, Nancy. You both are delusional.

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